Monday, 31 August 2015

New anti theft bag - hard casing

Just made this new design bag with hard surfaces.

The flap is the natural tan leather.

Back side has this convenient zipper pocket where

you open it wide like this to get you purse out.

You open the flap to find one zipper compartment and one open one.

You open the zipper compartment

and there is your purse which you just saw.
It means that only you have an access to the purse from the back zipper pocket,
and it is always protected by a flap and a zipper compartment from others.

In the open area, you can store an eco bag, smart phone, memo, etc.

I've attached a leather strap of one size as I decided to use it myself.
It needs few changes to make it better, so I'll make the adjustment before I put it in my shop.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Making an ideal tool storage

I've made this desk top storage for my sewing.
It has everything I need for my work.

This top tray which can be removed has been added to the base recently.
It has all the tools I use most frequently

and I put it next to my sewing machine.
When I'm not sewing, I put it back on top of the storage unit.

I have also made some addition to the storage tray I made few days ago.

I have added slopes and dividing walls for my pens.
The slope makes it so much easier to pick them up.

I've also added a dividing walls in the scissors section
so they won't be on top of each other.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Brompton cover

This is my husband's brompton.
He has asked me to make a cover for it.

And this is the finished product.
I had to use my own fabric to make a test piece as he wasn't sure what he wanted.
Anyway, this is the final product made with a silnylon fabric that has a non slip kind of coating at the back.

You just pop it onto the brompton like this.

The top opens with velcro so

he can hold the saddle like this,

or attach his bag  like this.

When you are not using it, fold it like this,
roll it inside the pocket

like this

and put it into your bag.
Very handy cover!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

New line up of my catalogue

I have changed my catalogue with the new line up.
Some are from original, and some are new.
It seems that some people are having problem opening my catalogue
so I will introduce my items briefly here.

Accordion wallet
AU$ 70.00

12 card pockets, 2 zipper pocket, 1 zipper coin pocket

Stroll mini bag

It has a pocket for smart phone (do not fit iphone 6 plus) and a card pocket.

Accordion hard case bag

12 card pockets, one zipper pocket, one divider pocket
Comes with a length adjustable strap.

Coin case

Iphone 3,4,5,and 6 case

Sewing box

Ipad 2,3,4,air,mini case bag
AU$35.00 for mini, AU$45.00 for others 

For more details contact me from the form on left hand side.

My working space

I have been tidying up my work space for these few days.
It all started from my mum reorganizing her room.
Her new work space looked so efficient, that I wanted to change mine too!
It is infectious.
When I started cleaning up, it doesn't stop in my work space.
It extended into my kitchen, living room, 3rd bed room...and so on.
Anyway, here is a peak view of what my cleaned working space looks like now.
I still want to add few things but they can wait.

I've made this PC station with the Ivar system from Ikea.
I just love this series and I use it for my bookshelf and laundry shelf too.
I had to add a shelf to make a desk for my PC, but it was easily done with few screws.

All rolled up fabrics and interfacing are stored neatly by the wall next to the PC station.
I now have a shredder next to the station, so I won't pile up shredding papers like I did before.

Now I am ready to create a new design bag!

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Two tool boxes carry as one

Just made this new tool box for my cartonnage work.
I have everything I need in here.

Inside this Ikea cabinet, I have

all tools I need for cutting fabrics, cards, etc, and I can pick it up by holding the centre handle,

put it on top of my cartonnage tool box,

and carry it as one tool box like this.
I sometimes work in my living room, so I wanted a tool box which I can carry everything in one go.
Just love the outcome!

Friday, 14 August 2015

pink liberty and Alice sewing box

Just made this ordered sewing box with the pink liberty patches and

an Alice panel!