Monday, 31 August 2015

New anti theft bag - hard casing

Just made this new design bag with hard surfaces.

The flap is the natural tan leather.

Back side has this convenient zipper pocket where

you open it wide like this to get you purse out.

You open the flap to find one zipper compartment and one open one.

You open the zipper compartment

and there is your purse which you just saw.
It means that only you have an access to the purse from the back zipper pocket,
and it is always protected by a flap and a zipper compartment from others.

In the open area, you can store an eco bag, smart phone, memo, etc.

I've attached a leather strap of one size as I decided to use it myself.
It needs few changes to make it better, so I'll make the adjustment before I put it in my shop.

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