Wednesday, 19 August 2015

My working space

I have been tidying up my work space for these few days.
It all started from my mum reorganizing her room.
Her new work space looked so efficient, that I wanted to change mine too!
It is infectious.
When I started cleaning up, it doesn't stop in my work space.
It extended into my kitchen, living room, 3rd bed room...and so on.
Anyway, here is a peak view of what my cleaned working space looks like now.
I still want to add few things but they can wait.

I've made this PC station with the Ivar system from Ikea.
I just love this series and I use it for my bookshelf and laundry shelf too.
I had to add a shelf to make a desk for my PC, but it was easily done with few screws.

All rolled up fabrics and interfacing are stored neatly by the wall next to the PC station.
I now have a shredder next to the station, so I won't pile up shredding papers like I did before.

Now I am ready to create a new design bag!

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