Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sweet Deco Bag

I think the heat got to my brain.
I just had to make a bag with fake sweets!
So, I've designed a small size Tulip style granny boston,
and I've decorated it with my hand made fake sweets!

Very sweet looking bag with a cute red fabrics.
I've used brown leather for the centre tab and handles to add "chocolate" to the bag. ; )

This is the back side of the bag.
I've stitched my logo here.

This is the zipper pocket at the front.

The bag has side pockets on both side.
It will fit your mobile, ipod, etc.

This is the back pocket.
It will be quite handy to put parking ticket, travel pass, etc.

This ice cream zipper charm can be detached.

This is the front zipper charm and it has a biting mark!

An oreo, mini size, twisted apart with no cream at the back.
Fake of course.

A pink oreo mini size, twisted apart with cream at the back!
I know, there's no such thing as pink oreo, but I can make anything I want!

And, this is a big biscuit with cream and strawberry!

All these fake sweets (except for the zipper charms) are hand sewn onto the bag.

The bag seen from top.

Inside the zipper boston.
I've used variety of fabrics here to give it a very pop and cute touch!

W 28cm, H 20-30cm, D 9cm

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