Thursday, 6 June 2013

Making drawers with cardboards

Sorry for not updating with new items, but I had been busy organising my work space past few days.

I made these drawers for the storage unit I bought at officeworks, and

these drawers to fit into my Ikea cabinet.
I added additional shelves inside each cubicle with a double layered card boards, and made these drawers with card boards as well.
Since I used my old stock of card boards, they cost me nothing!  Only my time.

This desk top shelf unit is made with the straw board I bought at Jacksons.
It's so much easier now to pick my tools up while working.

And this is the unique shelf I created today with card boards and straw boards.

This box with lid will store my digital camera inside with a hole to allow the cord connection.
This shelf is used

like this.
It comes right above the screen!
It's so much tidier and convenient, that I am sure it will improve my work!

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