Monday, 26 May 2014

Joy of our life with home made things

I'm currently working on the next request, which is the accordion purse bag with black leather.

Here are some things I made other than purse and bags this weekend.
I bake muffins every week as my husband and I eat one for morning break everyday.
We used to enjoy eating cookies and snacks from shops,
but since we discovered about the trans fatty acid in so many of them
I started baking muffins at home.
I use olive oil instead of butter or margarine,
and use only one egg instead of 3.
Too much sugar is not good for you,
but we do enjoy something sweet with our coffee.
So we have this healthier sweets with our morning coffee,

and we have this home made cookie with our after dinner coffee.
This cookie is made with olive oil, a bit of water, sugar and flour.
I've added sesame seeds in it and it is delicious!

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