Wednesday, 7 May 2014

anti theft shoulder bag

This is the bag I used to call "Best Buddy" bag, but now
I have renamed it to "anti theft" shoulder bag.
As the name suggests simply, is a bag which looks normal, but
is very handy in keeping your valuable protected against thieves.
This is the new version, and I have made it for myself as a test.
I had a request for a leather flap, and wasn't sure how it will match with the fabric,
but it looks good enough!

Very simple, but the leather flap makes it interesting.
I wanted to try adding stitches on the leather flap, and it came out great!

The back side looks like this with the new version of the zipper access.

I have changed it to 3D zipper opening.
The previous version was a flat zipper opening, but the new fabric stabilizer made it
a bit hard to take purse out from it
It's no problem once you get used to it, but I just wanted to try a different opening
and here it is.

It opens wide, and is so much easier to take long purse out from the opening.
By the way, this opening is connected to

the inside of the zipped up compartment.
so you put your purse inside this zipped up compartment for extra security,

but you can take it out very easily using the back access zipper.

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