Thursday, 9 September 2010

Shoulder bag to a back pack

Since the recent movie of the Alice in wonderland, there has been a big popularity of fashion items with prints that has Alice on it.
This bag is my new prototype to my granny boston bag series.
The back side of the bag has a simple pocket and a vertical zipper pocket like the one I showed in my last blog.
It will fit the ID or transport card, etc. 
This pocket proves to be very convenient when it is used as a back pack. 
Yes, this bag can be used as a back pack as well as a shoulder bag!
This is how you normally use the bag,
You can also wear it on your shoulder like this, or
Like this as a back pack! 
It is very easy and simple to change from back pack to a shoulder bag, and every one who has bought this from me have told me that the bag is just perfect on every aspect!
They even come back to buy more,
 but unfortunately,
I only have two hands. ; )

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