Saturday, 18 February 2012

Requested bags finished!

This is the French linen bag which I made on request.
Since it's exactly the same as the one I made for the auction, I sold it at the same price as the bid price to be fare.
I always prefer to make bags with different fabric each time, but there are just few cases where I do make the exact same bag when requested.
It's only possible when I have the right amount of fabric left.

This is another bag I made on request.  I don't know if you notice, but it's Liberty!
The fabric is beautiful, but not very attractive to the eye, if you know what I mean.
It hasn't got the "Liberty" -ness.
But I love it anyhow, and the lady who have requested it loves it too!
Her request was "a grave purple based bag".
This is the back side.

1.5cm wide leather handle.
It's about 2mm thick and so is quite soft to handle.

A lock which will allow you to use this bag as a back sack.

Front zipper pocket.

Side pocket.

Back pocket, handy to store parking tickets, etc.

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