Thursday, 17 April 2014

New type accordion purse bag

Just finished making this accordion purse bag for the Bazaar!
I have modified it a bit so I can change fabrics by parts.
The fabric stabilizer I use is a bit too thick to work with for the side,
but with this modified pattern, I can now change the type of stabilizer I use for the side.
It worked well so I'm very happy with it!

Very cute reindeer!

The back side is pink with my usual magical coin access zipper.

Inside parts are all same.
I have used few vivid colours to give it an Italiano air!

And, this is the second modification!
2 additional pockets!!
I don't know if you need more pockets for this purse, but
well, I thought it wouldn't hurt to add few more.

It comes with the length adjustable pink strap!

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