Friday, 25 April 2014

New spectacle carry stand

Just made the new version of my spectacle carry stand.
I made these more than 10 years ago, but stopped making them
because I wasn't happy with the design of it's lid.
Now I've come up with a new design, and I'll make few of them for the Bazaar!

The old design is this.
Very simple lid with a metal hock, and it has a D ring to attach a leather handle to carry it around.

I liked this design, but I just didn't like the metal hock inside the lid...

but with the new design,

It looks like this when closed.

You open the lid and it looks like three petals.

Pull them down like this and

use it as a stand on you work desk.
The inside is covered with a batting so it is very soft.

When you want to take it out with you, you just pull the petals up like this

fold the 2 petals inside like so.
The end of your spectacle is wrapped with these two petals.

and close it with the third petal with a velcro.

Because the end of your spectacle is wrapped with the petals,
it won't move around inside the case.

When you carry it, just pinch the little leather tab and go!

I made this leather tab with a hock so you can use it like this,
but, I think I'll change this to something else...

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