Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Box type accordion purse with a zipper

Just finished making this new type purse.

I have changed the back pocket into a zipper.

and it opens up into a box coin window like the previous one.

A simple patchwork to the front,

and lovely Japanese kimono fabric inside
with lots of pockets,

and has a tab on sides to close the gap.

It is all well made,
I can't sell this as there are few faults..

First, I'm not happy with how the zipper end looks.
This part is really hard to make and I have to come up with a better idea.

Second, I stitched the flap a bit out of line with the base
and so this misalignment.

thus shortened the other end a bit.
Very small misalignment
but I am not happy at all!!!
and unlike fabric bag, you can't redo it as it is glued on.

Finally, this crease.
I think it was made because of an extra fabric lining caused by sewing the flap on.

Well so many faults and such a long time spent on making this faulty purse.
Very sad indeed,
but I will try again!!
and one day, I'll put it on my Etsy shop!

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