Wednesday, 11 June 2014

samsung slate pc & keyboard case revised version

Just finished making this revised version of the case for
Samsung slate PC & keyboard.

This side tab will keep the keyboard from sliding out.

You open the case, and fold the lid back to use the pc like so.

This is how it looks like from side.
Sorry, I don't have the real thing so you just have to imagine that the white board as the keyboard.
It is now in my Etsy shop!


Yasminx said...

Hi it looks brilliant! i was just wondering if it is too late to add a little catch for the pen? Also if you could just show how the flap opens as its not very clear. thank you so much

sen said...

Hi, I have just added a pen holder and one other thing to the case.
You can see the pictures on today's post!
Thank you!