Monday, 23 June 2014

Gosh it's really cold...

I'm making this requested bag today,
gosh, it is soooooo cold!!!
I do have an air con, but
if I turn it on, my bill goes up really high,
so, I had to come up with an idea to keep me warm without using an electricity.

First wear this lovely snood scarf which my friend had knitted for me,

and then wear this hand knitted beanie which I have knitted recently.
Well it is not enough to keep me warm, so

I've disassembled this hand knitted and felted jumper I made long time ago for my husband,

wore its sleeves on my leg!
I know it doesn't belong on my legs, but hey, my legs get cold!!
I also wear leg warmer on top, and then my hand made boots
which is made of felted wool fabric with wool packed inside with a thick foam insole.

To finish it off, I wear this lovely hand woven skirt my mum made for me
and cover my strange legs.
Oh, and I wear a down jacket my mother in law got for me at UniQlo.
Hey, I just realised, I'm all wrapped up with gifts and hand made items!
That certainly warmed my heart!
Keep warm everyone!

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