Monday, 16 June 2014

Pen holder added to the samsung case

I received an inquiry and an additional request for the samusung slate pc case
so here are some additional photo and a change I just made.

This was how it looked before, and

I have added a pen holder to it.
It is right below the screen.

I have added it in by using the leather.

This is how it looks without the screen and the keyboard.
I have then added one more thing to this case.

I've added this ....protruding thing.
It is called Kiboshi in Japanese,
but I don't know it's name in English...
Well, I'll have to find it out somewhere...

I've added these in so

the keyboard will stay on the case.
It won't be in the way when you close the case.


Just finished knitting this beanie for my husband.
It is getting really cold down here in Australia...
I'm planning to knit one for myself too.

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