Sunday, 28 October 2012

Iphone 4 case with Meisen & sashiko



Iphone 4 cover #3 with hand stitched sashiko

and Meisen antique silk kimono fabric.

It has the camera hole and this single tab to close the cover.

It looks like this at the top.

and it looks like this at the bottom.

Very handy smart rider's pocket.

When you open the cover, it looks like this.

The top is open when the cover is open.
I figured that there's no way the phone will fall out from top when you're using it, so I made it simpler with just one tab.
(previous ones have two tabs)

A card pocket to store your credit card, etc.

Size: H 12cm / W 6.5cm / D 1.8cm
Material: Meisen antique silk kimono, cotton, linen, leather

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