Thursday, 18 October 2012

hand made Iphone 4 case

I had few requests for Iphone cases
and I wasn't going to make it before as I don't have Iphone myself.
I still don't have Iphone, but, I thought I challenge myself with the new project
and had designed this Iphone case.
It took me 2 days to come up with the design
and I still need to work on few details.

It has a camera opening too!
It has a D ring for you to attach neck strap.

The inside is very bright with the Meisen antique kimono silk!
It took me hours to figure out the best way to hold the phone.
I still need to change the top tab.

There's a card pocket on the other side,
and I put the safety tab so the card won't fall out.
Well, this need to be changed as well, as it didn't need a tab at all.

Well, it was fun working on this new project,
and I'll be making changes on it today.
Maybe I can put one onto my catalogue tomorrow!

The online shop will open from 9am WA time.

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