Friday, 28 December 2012

Sweet deco iphone 4 book type case!

I had been working on making this ridiculously cute iphone 4 case for loooong time!
The idea itself was ridiculous, but I just had to try!

It closes with this yellow tab like the other iphone 4 cases.

I've printed the background with the normal paper.
It took me 2,3 days to come up with the way to cover the background clearly with resin.

All the sweets and strawberries are hand made using resin clay,
and they are covered with resin on the background.
The cover feels like a very smooth plastic.

This is my poodle!  Made by me.

The back side has this handy travel card pocket.
This side is also coated with resin, but the pocket is cotton fabric.

The inside is as usual, made by fabric with the sewn on silicone case.

I just had lots of fun making it!
The case is now on Auction Japan.

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