Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Upgraded ipad 2/3 case bag!

This is the upgraded version of the ipad 2/3 case bag, with the sashiko fabric for the flap.

I've used this gorgeous Meisen fabric inside.

The back side has been upgraded with the opening for the camera hole.

Just fits!

Side parts are sewn onto the base.

Flap as well as the hooks are sewn onto the base as well.

Opening of the sides will let you access all parts of the ipad.

I've added this tab at the top to stop the ipad from sliding out from the top.
It opens and closes with the hock.

I've inserted a card inside this bottom part, which has solved the problem of sagging with the weight of the ipad, and so the ipad will fit inside the flame exactly.

See, it's perfectly aligned now!
Also, I've narrowed side parts to 1cm so the ipad won't move around so much.

I'll be putting this ipad case bag in the Etsy shop later with the others.
I need to make few more since my Etsy shop is empty at the moment!

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