Friday, 25 May 2012

Men's ipad 2/3 case bag - sashiko

This is the latest ipad case bag I made.
I've hand stitched the sashiko design "seikaiha" (blue wave?).

The big wave pocket at the back!

It closes with this leather tab.
Very manly!

More waves inside.  The back of the flap is also of this fabric.

I noticed 2 marks from the glue I used, so I have started the auction at a cheap price.

This is the second one I made with the same sashiko design.

A modern fabric to match the base colour.

I noticed  that I've stitched the male part hock up side down.
It closes OK, but it just looks a bit funny.
It's not that noticeable, but still, I've started the auction at a cheap price.

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