Friday, 30 October 2015

Purple patch broad bean 5 way ruck sling bag

Just made this Broad bean bag with red patches.
This patched section is

a hidden zipper pocket where

you can use to store maps, catalogues, memo, etc.

The back side has a zipper opening and a small pocket where

you can store parking ticket, smart rider, etc.

You can put your purse into the zipper opening,

and it will be stored automatically inside the inner

whole sized zipper pocket

like so.
This will protect your purse with double zipper,
but you can get access to the purse easily through the back zipper.
Very handy when travelling!

The other side has a zipper pocket and a pocket with a flap.

The bag opens both way and has a zipper cover.
This zipper cover will hide the zipper from view, so it is hard for people behind you to find an opening.
The front side (the side with patched pocket) has a hard sheet inside (which is used for the bag base)  to hold its shape.

You can make the strap short and use it as a shoulder bag

make it long to use it like a messenger bag

make the strap short and slide the bag behind
and use it as a body bag

make the strap long, pull both sides and use it as a back pack

just hold onto the tab and hold it like so.

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