Monday, 2 November 2015

Hard case purse bag fits everything you need!

This is a hard case purse bag.
I have made the top bit wider than the one I used to make, so it will fit more things inside.

Lovely leather handle.
It is 4mm thick!

I have stitched a black leather at the bottom for durability.

The back side looks like this with the pocket that

opens like this with a hidden strong magnet hock.

It is a very handy coin pocket!

The purse has 2 dividing pocket parts, one with open pocket,
and another a zipper pocket.

It has total of 12 card pockets.

Since I made the top wider, it will fit your smart phone (even iphone 6 plus!) in a case,
keys, etc.

You can carry it as a hand bag,

attach a strap and use it like a messenger bag,

or make the strap short and use it as a shoulder bag.

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