Friday, 2 October 2015

New design bag with Japanese floral print

Just finished making this new design bag.
I have used my favorite Japanese flower print fabric.

It has two wide folds at the top which creates fluffy look
and made more room inside.

From side it looks like this.
The fluffy outside is shaped by this hard centre frame.
Having two frames at the centre make it stand on its own.

The bag opens wide like this.

It has a small pocket and a zipper pocket

and this zipper pocket is very roomy and opens wide like this.

It fitted 600ml water bottle, a small book, iphone 5, and a tissue,

and a purse inside the zipper compartment.
Very safe!

It comes with the length adjustable strap.
Make it short and use it as a shoulder bag or

make it long and use it as a messenger type bag.
It is in my Etsy shop from today.

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