Monday, 12 March 2012

Remembering Fukushima Event with Hinata Cafe

On Sunday, 11 March 2012,
there was a "remembering Fukushima" event organised by CCWA.

Hinata Cafe, lead by Tomoe, have opened a small stall serving cold buckwheat noodle and blend tea for supporting people.

It was a very very hot day, and not many people were walking by, but we raised about $360, and all money will be donated to the people of Fukushima.

We were pleasantly surprised to find out that the Aboriginal people were feeling remorse about the accident as we, Japanese do.
It made us realize that Aboriginal people really treasure their land and peace from their heart, and are feeling sad that the Uranium from their land had helped to build the Nuclear power station in Japan.

If we all had the same love to our land, the world can become a safe and peaceful place to live for our children and all living beings of this planet.

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