Saturday, 10 March 2012

first and last hip pouch

I've made this hip pouch, thinking I'll be using it.
It has 2 separate pouches stitched together.

The lid closes with a twisting thing (don't know it's proper name in English),
so it's quite safe.

It has this beautiful Meisen for the back of the lid, and the front pockets.

The front pouch has a zipper pocket inside.

The centre where two pouches are joined forms another pocket.

It has a zipper pocket at the back too.

Now that I've made it and tried it, wearing it made me realize that I didn't like using hip pouch after all.
And, it was very hard sewing the inside fabric on, that I don't think I'll be making anymore of this type.
So, this is the first and last of the hip pouch!

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