Tuesday, 28 February 2012

cute & sweet charms

This is my original charm made by resin clay and resin.
It's my toy poodle Mocha with juicy strawberry! ; )

I've coated the strawberry with resin to make it look really juicy!
Oh, and she's sitting on this delicious looking macaroon with rhinestones.

She looks cute from the back side too!
This macaroon is made with resin.

And, she's this small!

This is the second charm I made, again of my gorgeous Mocha!
I just can't make it all with same face, and that's what makes it so interesting.
This one's got her face on top of the strawberry, as if she's too tired to lift her face.

Her strawberry and jelly beans look so delicious!
I haven't had jelly beans for ages!

These beans are individually coated with resin.

And, she's tiny!

This one is my last charm!
I've hand stitched the Liberty, stack it onto cardboard,
coated it with mat coating, and stack beans, oreo, and Mocha onto it.
What was I thinking? using the Liberty?!
Well, I think it came out alright in the end.

Juicy looking beans!

Oh, and it has a pink oreo with lots of cream and rhinestones!

This is the back side of the charm.
It can be used as a brooch too!

It's the largest piece I made with resin clay.

And this is the latest bag I've made.
I won't go into detail with it as I've already described it in detail in other posts.

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