Sunday, 3 April 2016

knitting season

Although Perth is still warm,
I'm in the knitting zone right now.
I've purchased the jute twine at Bunnings yesterday
and started to knit this...."will be" basket bag.
Can't believe how much I enjoy knitting it!
I've used up all 100m to make this, so I need to get more!!
This will be my storage bag for my Ipad and glasses to put next to my sofa.


inky_kitty said...

That's so clever! I keep meaning to learn to knit... someday :)
Also I meant to say a while ago and never got to it, your self-made dog clothes are also super cute and a great idea. Love seeing your work ^_^

sen said...

It looks nice doesn't it! There are so many different type of yarns sold in Japan for knitting basket bags, and am tempted to buy them, but will have to stop knitting for now as I need to work on purses and bags!
Thank you for commenting on my dog's clothes! She's got the stitches out today, so she won't be wearing it anymore.. A bit sad really. She looked so cute in it. (⌒▽⌒)