Friday, 8 April 2016

Broad bean shaped 5 way anti theft travel bag

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Just made this anti theft travel bag.
Customer requested for an earthy colour.

This front pocket zipper is hidden inside, and you can

store maps, brochure, etc here.

Back side has a zipper opening and a small bean shaped pocket.

You can store travel card, tickets, etc here

and it closes with a velcro.

You can put your valuables from the zipper opening so you can take it out easily when you need it.

It will be safely stored inside the bag,
and inside the whole size zipper pocket

like so.
It will be really hard for thieves to locate it.

The other side has a bigger bean shaped pocket with velcro flap, and one zipper pocket.

The bag closes with the zipper which is hidden behind this flap.
Normally, the flap faces the other way round.
Personally, I don't understand why all back packs are made easy for people standing behind you to open it...

Anyway, here the 5 way part.

You make the strap short and use it as a shoulder bag,

make the strap longer and use it as a messenger bag,

or just sling it back to use it as a body bag,

or make the strap longer and pull it from both sides and use it as a back pack.

And you can hold this tab to carry when you are getting off the bus in a hurry.

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