Monday, 21 July 2014

Personalized desk organizer and remakes and...

I have made this compact but very useful organizer for my work desk.
Everything I need are right here!

I especially like this hook stand.

I've used a wire hanger for the hook.

I've made this small drawer for hand stitch needles and threads.

All trays are angled down so everything is stored in an angle.
It makes it so much easier to take things out.

Now my organizer is made, I've started on remaking my husband's iphone case.
He made a mark on the inside fabric, and as he is likely to make another one,
I have decided to remake it with a leather interior.

I undid hand stitches and glued the leather,
and then hand stitched it back together.

It looks as if nothing has been changed, as I used the same colour leather.

Love the aging look on this natural leather.


I casually searched the net for a better filter which will ionize as well as remove fluoride,
and found myself in a huge maze.
There are so many varying information about it, and confused hell out of me.
Then I have ended up in NSF site which seems to be reliable than those sites
that are promoting their own filters.
It had a guide for the contamination reduction claim, and it only listed
"distillation" and "Reverse Osmosis" as an effective technology to remove fluoride.
So now, I am very suspicious about my own filter, claiming 90% removal of fluoride.
And I have found a discussion about this issue, and to my disappointment
the person had done a personal testing and found it did not at all remove fluoride.
So now I have two options.  Distillation or RO.
Well, I have heard that distillation will take all minerals out and is not very good to drink for a long period of time, and it will use electricity... and RO wastes lots of water and also is claimed to be not good to drink over a long period of time.
At this moment, my brain couldn't take any more information so I'm giving it a rest for a while.
But my husband is quite keen on reverse osmosis and will look for an easy DIY type which will remove but also add minerals to the water.

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