Thursday, 21 February 2013

4Way, very handy travel bag

I've just designed this handy travel bag which can be used in 4 ways.
The front pocket has a flap which is fastened with a twist hock.

This is the back side of the bag.
It has a 20cm zipper pocket to store your valuables like passport, ticket, etc,
and a small pocket to store parking ticket, travel ticket, etc.

You can carry the bag using this short handle like a tote.

like this.

There are gathered deep pockets on each side to store your water bottle, map, etc.

The bag closes with a zipper, and it's hiding inside the bag so it's very secure.

There's one pocket and

a zipper pocket inside.

You can adjust the strap length here
and so 

you can make it short to carry it on your shoulder, or

make it long to carry it across your body, or

make it fit to your back.

It's very easy to switch shape to and from back pack.

If you want to turn it into a back pack,

you just pull the strap to each side.
and if you want it to turn back to the shoulder bag,

just pull the strap up at the centre!
Very simple!
It will make your travel so much easier especially when you are using public transport.

Size: W 30cm / H 33cm / D 12cm
Strap: max 126cm


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