Thursday, 7 February 2013

2 more iphone 4 wallet cases

This is the latest sweet decorated iphone 4 / 4S wallet case!
I've used lots of resin clay marble chocolates!
2 are bitten by this cute dog! (kidding)

Just love making this cute poodle face!

See how the chocolate is showing?
Looks quite real doesn't it?
I hope someone likes it for a valentine!

This one is a collage of paper, fabric, lace, beads, and resin clay cookies!
These cases are all sealed with the resin and so it feels like plastic!

I won't be making the cases with resin once I use up the current bottle, as it's really toxic to use.
It's not toxic when they are cured, but until it cures, it is not good for you.
If I want to make a collage case in future, I'll be using mod podge and water base polyurethane sealer.

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