Friday, 24 August 2012

work work work!!

These are some of the ipad cases I was making the last 7 days.
My husband had ordered 15 of these with an original print on the flap.
The word on the flap says "Japanese" by the way.
They are for Language Department of the school.
If only he had given me 3 weeks notice, I could have enjoyed making them, but, as always, he had come to me with the order just a week before he needed them...
Anyway, I've made it in time, and I was so happy to see them gone, out of my site!!

This is the back side, and I've used 3 different patterns.
Not all of them are here as I didn't have time to take pictures...

And this is the inside of the case.
Well, I wont' be making more of these for a while!!

Yesterday, I was so happy that my big order was finished,
I treated myself by making apron with my favourite fabrics!

The font says "Hinata Cafe" in Japanese.
It's for our member who will be working in the kitchen at the event.

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