Sunday, 26 August 2012

new bag and new invention?

This bag is for the event.
The sashiko stitch on the right side of the flap is called "arare-kikkou".
The left side fabric is the Meisen antique silk kimono, and I've ironed on the interfacing at the back for extra strength as antique silk is quite delicate.

I've screen printed my logo. ; )

I've used this crackled effect tan leather which I acquired recently.


Did you know there's another way to use this ipad case?
My husband came home one day and told me his students had came up with all sorts of different way of using this case.

The most clever and simple one he could remember was......

You just use it upside down!
The pad slides down a bit, but if you don't mind it, it's a very good position when reading an article on the screen!

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