Thursday, 11 August 2016

Trying my new bag idea

This is a drop shaped bag I just made as a test piece.

It looks very simple and plain from this angle.
I wanted to make it as a messenger type bag, but this size may be better as a shoulder bag with two handles.

Yes, it looks nicer with two handles.

I wanted to make this bag with an anti theft function

so this zipper opening is

connected to the inside of this inner zipper pocket.

The other side has 2 gathered pockets.

The bag opens both way with this YKK zipper, and it has a hidden side pocket between the front flap and the centre wall.

I made the top of the back flap into a small pocket, thinking it would be handy for a smartphone,
but since I made the back side with an anti theft function, the pocket became really shallow, and it became too small for anything.
Bad idea.
I need to think weather to keep anti theft function or make it without it.

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