Sunday, 31 July 2016

Wide mouthed " shizuku" bag

I've been busy with a visitor staying at home,
then had a fever for 2 days.
I'm fine now, and finished my new bag!

I've used a lovely soft green blue sheep leather for the flap.

I've hand stitched the drop shaped natural cow hide onto the flap.

Back side has this hand stitched leather card case.

when you open the flap

it opens wide like this.

It has two gathered pockets

and a smart phone pocket.
It will fit iphone 6 plus.

When you open the zipper above this smart phone pocket

you have a wide space compartment where you can

store a long purse or

my drop shaped purse with ease.
A great security space for a wide mouthed bag!

You can attach a strap and use it like a messenger bag,

or a shoulder bag.

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