Saturday, 2 January 2016

Cute smart phone bag with small purse

A happy 2016!
Hope you have a wonderful year!

I have been making a new design bag, and just finished making it last night!
This is a cute mini bag that shaped like a rain drop.

When you open the flap, you'll see two pockets.

This one fits most smart phones, including iphone 6 plus!

you can store your travel card here

and you can store your keys, hanky , etc here.
This has been the design I've been making last year,
but this year I have added another feature.

and it is...

this round zipper pocket!

It opens wide like this, and so

you can put your money here in case you like to pop into a cafe, or grocery store.

Attach a strap and make it long to use it like a messenger type,

make it short and use it as a shoulder bag,
or detach the strap and put it into your bag like a pouch.

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