Sunday, 7 December 2014

5Way POP back pack bag on Etsy

I was designing the bag using my PC soft ware
and came up with this POP design, and just couldn't resist making it.

I have hand printed the Japanese word which says;
"(Hey you), the person flying over there"

There's a hidden zipper pocket here.

The back side has a new function added.

You can hang anything from paper, map, jacket, etc through here.

There's these two pockets,

and a zipper pocket which is

connected inside this inner zipper pocket so

Your purse is safely stored in it. but you can take it out easily through the back pocket.

There's also this zipper pocket too.

The bag will open both ways with this wide zipper.

The side pocket is quite deep to store your water bottle,
and it has a water proof lining inside.

There's another pocket behind the pocket, and

you can store your smartphone, etc. here.

Use it as a tote,


shoulder or

back pack.
The instruction on how to use the strap will be sent with the bag.

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