Friday, 7 February 2014

Men's unique business bag

Just finished making this requested bag.
This is for a business man who wears jeans to work.
The centre stripe part is a pocket.

This is the back side of the bag.
It has a zipper pocket.

The centre is a zipper compartment, and has 2 whole pockets on both sides.

The person who has requested the bag will store change of clothes in here
as he travels a lot,

and put documents and magazines in the outside pockets.

I have inserted a bag base inside as the width is quite long.
The base is black leather.

I have also used the same leather for the handle, and hand stitched them.
It took me 3 days to finish this bag.
It was a challenge to make a business bag, but I enjoyed making it!
Hope he likes it.

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