Friday, 6 December 2013

Eco dog slope made with cardboard

This mum's toy poodle is having hard time jumping up on the sofa at night,
and so I tested my creativity by making her a slope with the cardboard.

I have glued bits and pieces of the cardboard together to make this slope base, and

I found this shoe box for the covering on top.

I matched the top corner of the slope on its corner,

cut it like this to fit,

and fold together like this,

and it fits on the slope perfectly!

With three layers of the shoe box cardboard,
I have finished making the slope!!
But, it's too slippery for the dog to walk on so

I have covered it with this fabric cover.
The fabric is the interior fabric which has a rough surface,
so it should be OK.
I'll have to see how she would react to it tomorrow!

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