Friday, 16 August 2013

wrap skirts and summer tunic

This is the summer "open" tunic I just made.
I made it using light cotton and linen, so it is very light and cool!

This front fabric is the Japanese tenugui,(traditional hand towel) with a lovely bumboo shoot print. I patched it with the antique Japanese kimono cotton fabrics and linen.

This is a very unique NUNO.
I named it NUNO (meaning "fabric" in Japanese), as it has so many shapes.
It can be a wrap skirt, can be a shawl, can be a dress, and can be a rug.

this is the other side of the NUNO.

This is the long wrap skirt with "daruma" tenugui print.

And this is a simple short length apron.

They will be in my stall at the Hinata Cafe!

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