Sunday, 12 May 2013

St Hilda's Bazaar!

Thank you to all of you who had come to the St Hilda's Bazaar yesterday!
It was a lovely day and I enjoyed every moment!

There were so many people at the Bazaar, and we were so lucky to be a part of it.
This is my stall, and next to me was

Ko de mari selling her handmade jewelry and soaps, and next to her was

Calicot selling her hand made accessories.

Pauline was there as well, and she had a beautiful felt items in her stall as always!
She'll be having her stall at the Hinata Cafe this year too!

I have also invited to the Hinata Cafe, her friend who makes cute crochet toys.
She was having her stall in this Bazaar as well, and I got
this cute owl!!


Now that the Bazaar has finished, I'll start working on requests from today!
Thank you very much for wainting for so long!
I'll start on Iphone5 cases after I get more silicone cases, as I am currently out of stock.

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