Sunday, 31 March 2013

Hand made ipad and iphone cases

My internet and phone line has been fixed today!!
It seems that the person who fixed the line that was damaged in our area, has mixed up the connection.


Now, here are few items I have made while my line was disconnected.

The first one is this Liberty patched ipad 2/3 case bag.

The second one is the simple iphone 5 case.

The third one is this cute sweet decorated iphone 5 case,


last one is this simple ipad 2/3 case with Sashiko.

I've made one amendment to this case.
This case can be used this way, and

This way too.

The frame does not obstruct the screen.

With this old version,

when you use it this way

the ipad slid down a bit and the frame obstruct the screen.
I never thought the case to be used this way when I made it, but my husband's students came up with this use, and he recommended that I should come up with an idea to make the case with this function as well.
It was a very minor adjustment, but it came out well so I'm very happy about it!

This is the fabric I have just finished making for the requested case bag for Samsung slate PC.

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