Tuesday, 3 July 2012

New purse bag in Etsy shop

This is the accordion type handy purse bag I have just added on my Etsy shop.
Here are the detailed pictures which I could not add on the shop.

This is the back side pocket which you can store your parking ticket, travel card, etc.

And here is the Magic zipper coin pocket!
What's so magic about it is that, when you enter coins here,

It magically appears in the coin pocket inside the purse!

There are 12 card pockets inside

2 zipper pockets

2 point card pockets and a pen holder.
This pen holder is my original design as well.
It tilts upward so is easy to insert and pull out.

This is the pocket to put your note in.

And this is the magic pocket which I described earlier.
It has a gusset so is very easy to see inside to find the right coin.

This is my original design strap, and it can be made short, or long.

This is the short version.

And this is the long version.
It's very simple.
The strap is double when short, and single when long.

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