Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Sooo cold!!!

I've been working on this new design yesterday.
I just couldn't believe how cold it is, and sew my dog feeling the cold too.
So I've decided to recycle the vest I knitted for my husband for her.
I hand spun the natural merino wool and knitted it for him, but he has never worn it as it was too big.
So I've put the vest in the washing machine, and washed it in a normal cycle with the other washing.

The huge vest has now become too small for my husband to wear, and got really thick!
I cut the middle like this

and use the half of it to make my dog's jumper.

The top hole, which is the arm hole will be where her head comes out.
I cut the shoulder part of the vest to make it smaller, and stitch it together with a sewing machine.
I've also stitched the bottom corner together.

Ta dah! A simple but cute ? dog wear!!
It's going to be a very warm winter!

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