Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Back pack but messenger bag too.

This is my new design back pack bag called "penta".
I just love this funny shape, and it is so efficient and
very very safe with it's anti theft functions.

This is the back side.
It's whole size pocket on the outside layer.

This is the double side zipper hiding under this flap,
and as you can see, it is on the back side, not on the front side like normal back pack.

Inside this whole size pocket is one zipper opening which, as always,
is connected inside the inner zipper pocket.

There is this unique side pocket for your water bottle.
The flap has a whole in the middle so you can store long bottle too.

I kept the inside very simple with only one zipper pocket.

Inside this zipper pocket is one small pocket which you can store your passport, etc.

There is this small handle with a leather and

you can hold it like a tote, or

pull the strap on one side and make it a shoulder bag,

or make the strap longer and use it like a messenger bag, or

pull straps both way from the middle and make it a back pack.

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