Saturday, 17 May 2014

Japanese design bag for Etsy and hand woven bag

Just finished making this bag requested through Etsy.
I'll put it up in my Etsy shop sometime today.
Here are other photos I couldn't put on the Etsy shop.

Inside the back side pocket is a zipper pocket.

Inside the front side pocket are 2 small pockets.

there are 4 pockets inside the centre compartment.

I was asked by my mum to make something with her hand woven material

so I decided to make a bag.
It's not finished yet as it needs a handle and a tab at the end of the zipper.

It opens both way, and

it opens very wide like this, and has a very bright japanese fabric inside!
Both hand woven material and the Japanese fabric inside are stabilized so they should last long.

I have hand stitched a natural leather at the bottom.

Hand stitching the bottom of the bag is really hard...
My neck, finger and my eyes hurt!!

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