Monday, 11 March 2013

samsung slate pc 7 & keyboard carry bag

I've just made this today on request.
This is the new type of Samsung slate Pc7 carry bag.
This will carry the keyboard as well.

This is the back side of the bag.

The back side is shaped like so for the back side camera hole and the air vent.

It has a zipper pocket to carry pens and things.

The case is 3cm deep so it will fit both keyboard and the tablet.

This leather corner is hand stitched here to secure the keyboard inside.

When you open the case, it looks like this.
The white board is the sample keyboard I made with the craft board.

You put the tablet upright like this to use.

This centre leather tab will hold the keyboard in place when you carry it around.

It is in my Etsy shop from today.
Thank you very much for the request!
It was very challenging but fun!


Yasmin xxx said...

This is amazing! Is it possible to make another one like this. Thanks xxx

sen said...

Thank you for the comment! Sorry I'm not very happy with the design, so I discarded the template...

Yasmin xxx said...

That's a shame and thank you for your honesty! Is it not possible to make something similar for this product? there is a lack of cases for this product and keyboard and i would really like one. If you can of course :) Yasmin xxx

sen said...

I'm a bit busy with other production, but I will think of the design. If I come up with something, I'll put it up on Etsy shop for you to see!

Yasmin xxx said...

Perfect, I am looking forward to it. Yasmin :)