Wednesday, 2 May 2012

New purse bag with the Liberty

I've just made this cute purse bag with a very unique design of the Liberty.
I've extended the design with hand stitch onto the plain dark green fabric.

More Liberty on the backside of the flap!

There's a handy zipper pocket at the back.

8 card holders, 2 pockets, one long pocket for notes and a zipper pocket for coins.

This is the back sack I made before I went for holiday.
I made it to use it on the holiday, but I took a different bag instead.

It has bottle pockets on each side.

Very original interior with Meisen silk kimono fabric!
One pocket and one zipper pocket inside.

This is the back side, with a funny flap.

Beneath this funny flap is a zipper pocket to put your tickets etc.
This flap is very useful when traveling with your suitcase, because...

It can be joined on to your suitcase like this! ; )

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