Thursday, 9 February 2012

fabric colour match

Just when I was thinking about making a solid colour Tulip Bag,
I received a very timely request for it!
It seems the purpley brown leather handle is quite popular,
and I have ordered for more.
It should be here sometime next week.
In the mean time, I have matched four different fabrics to the leather.


Dark Brown

Light Brown

Dark Purple

Colours other than black are very subtle and is very hard to decide which one to chose.
But I personally like the Dark Purple fabric to this leather.

I recently bought this FIMO air basics clay.
I wondered how it feels like and how it finishes.

and, this is my model, Mocha. ; )

and this is what I managed to make with it!
It feels so different from the clay I used to use.
It sticks to your finger a lot, quite heavy and hard.

Once I got used to using it, it became easier to handle, and fun!
Now I wait for it to dry, and see what it looks like after I paint it.

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